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Gefion Gymnasium

Gefion Gymnasium is situated in the centre of Copenhagen in a large building containing a part of the University of Copenhagen. The part of the building belonging to Gefion Gymnasium has been renovated in 2010 for the purpose of teaching upper secondary school students, including installment of the latest technological equipment available. In the school more than 85 teachers teach around 900 students on three different levels, first, second and third year, each consisting of a minimum of eleven classes. The students originate from all over Copenhagen and its suburbs.

Gefion Gymnasium cooperates with Team Copenhagen’s Elite Sports Academy concerning a specifically designed course, also lasting three years, for elite sportsmen and women.

Set of values
Gefion Gymnasium emphasizes:

  • to prepare and motivate the students for later studies
  • to ensure that the students develop the necessary intercultural skills as citizens in a globalised world
  • to awaken and further enhance the students’ democratic awareness and responsible behaviour in the community.

To further the above-mentioned, Gefion Gymnasium participates in a number of cooperations with schools, universities, organizations, firms and institutions in Denmark as well as abroad. Students and teachers from Gefion Gymnasium take part in international activities such as Model European Parliament, Comenius projects, Unesco projects etc. All classes at Gefion Gymnasium go on at least one trip abroad during their three years of study.

The Danish school-leaving certificate
The Danish school-leaving certificate (roughly equivalent to British A-levels) consists of an introductory course of one semester and a study course of 5 semesters. In the first semester the students are introduced to subjects and study techniques as well as three cross-curricular subjects: General language skills, General science and General study preparation. Only this last-named course continues for all three years. Gefion Gymnasium has 13 study courses to choose between. Each course has its own focus, with two to three specialised subjects, while retaining a number of common subjects for all i.e.: Danish, History, Ancient History, Religion, Physical Education, English, a second foreign language (French, German, Spanish or Italian), Mathematics, Social Sciences, as well as the Natural Sciences.
The Danish gymnasium emphasises the importance of active student participation. Teaching takes place through dialogue and critical discussion. Discipline is quite relaxed, but mutual respect and shared responsibility are demanded.
The students have an influence on the choice of material as well as the choice of teaching methods. There are regular evaluations both of the teaching and the students.
Through the student council and through participation in the school’s various committees, students have influence on all parts of school life.
Each class has its own teachers’ team, who in co-operation with the student representatives in the class decide upon the appropriate plan of study. The teachers’ team holds talks with each student on their level of study, learning strategies, personal development and well-being. Each class has a student counsellor, who gives the students the opportunity for individual consultations.
In the afternoons, voluntary activities are on offer: choir, bands, drama, art, gym and study-groups. Active groups of pupils plan cafés, debates and parties.